It is this time of the year again and its time to write a blog post about decorating for 2020 holiday season! Well, this year is a bit different, isn’t it?! I wanted to write a holiday decorating post for a while now, and, now I think, it definitely seems like perfect timing. Most of the retail shops in the Czech Republic are closed and I can imagine it can be a bit frustrating to get inspired or purchase the decorations if you can’t physically see them. So in this post I will share some inspiration photos with you, and, more importantly, give you pre-set combinations of things to add to your home. And of course show you how to decorate with throw pillows! So if you are living in the Czech Republic, you will find this (hopefully) useful, and, if you are not, then (hopefully) you will get inspired.

(1) Faux eucalyptus – Ikea

(2) Faux red berries – Butlers  

(3) Red berry wreath – Butlers

(4) Vase – Ikea

(5) Candle – Ikea

(6) Faux Branches– Obi 

(7) Branches Buxus – Obi

For this holiday season, I have decided to keep things more simple, stick to traditional green and red combinations with a touch of sparkle and charm and bring the outdoors in. My all time favorite simple and readily available holiday staple is Christmas tree branches or other holiday decor that you can get in a bunch in your local gardening center. They cost a mere 60-80 Kc for a bunch, and, you can keep them throughout the holiday season as they stay fresh for a very long time! And oh the smell is priceless, isn’t it! I typically put them in a vase such as IKEA’s glass vase (great value for a set of 3! – see link below to no. 4), or, I put them in an empty glass jar. I also add a few branches with red berries in, as this combination is very elegant and classic. A red berry wreath is also good – just hang it on a wall like I did!

(1) Pillow cover Boho, wool – The Room Accessories

(2) Povlak na polštář Anchor – The Room Accessories

(3) Pillow cover Hamburg – The Room Accessories

(4) Faux greenery – Ikea

(5) Faux greenery – Ikea

(6) Faux tree – Ikea

(7) Christmas stocking – The Room Accessories

(8) Candle – Yankee Candle

White – what a wonderful color to have in your interior for the winter season! I already had these pillow covers in the shop and now have added Christmas stockings that are made from the same materials as pillow 1 & 2! White, light beige, gray is beautify combined with the holiday greenery. I have used some of the faux greenery that I already had from last seasons. You can find affordable faux greenery at IKEA (links below). I also wanted to add some warmth, so I have spray painted these ceramic pumpkins. You can do the same with actual small pumpkins, if you do not have ceramic ones. 

Oh and my favorite latest Yankee Candle is this new scent that they have added – Surprise Snowfall, will definitely put you in the perfect holiday mood!

(1) Pillow cover Winter no. 1 – The Room Accessories

(2) Pillow cover Origami – The Room Accessories

(3) Christmas candle – Ikea

(4) Vinnaeset handle – Ikea

(5) Faux red berries – Butlers

(6) Blanket – Zara Home

In the bedroom, I went for a clean look using whites and reds and combined it with wood and green accents. You can use either faux green or, as in my case, I have used the greens from the fresh Christmas bunch I’ve used earlier. You can add faux red berries to your bouquet or a faux branch like this one from Butler’s.

To add wood accents, I changed the knob on my night stand – you can find similar ones in IKEA (links below).  And of course, to finish the look, I’ve added a combination of pillow covers! These IKEA candles will work great, or any other white or red candle that you may have:

(1) Pillow cover Winter no. 2 – The Room Accessories  

(2) Candlesticks, set – Ikea  

(3) Basket – HM

(4) Faux wreath – Ikea

Every year we get a tree in a planting pot because it lasts longer and we can plant it! I love using a wicker basket to sit the tree in. It looks very cozy and stylish.

I did not have a candle holder at hand, so I have used my ceramic vase, but if you opt for a candle colder these ones from IKEA are pretty festive.