It is January and the holidays are behind us! In my opinion, January and February are perfect months for home improvement projects and hustling about making your homes cozy! Creating cozy nooks around your house with throw pillows is one great idea. In this post I will share with you some of my ideas and inspirations for the cozy nooks. Maybe you will get inspired and create one for yourself!

As an interior designer I do a lot of styling in my projects and I would say that styling with pillows is the easiest and most fun part that I absolutely love and live for. It is amazing to experience the power of what throw pillows can do to a room – with just one throw pillow you can bring a different style, feel, a pop of color, change the mood in accordance to seasons, make a statement – the possibilities are endless! And especially now, during the winter and endless lockdowns, we spend more and more time at home, and, I just feel that it is so important that we learn how to enjoy our time indoors to the fullest, and, creating a designated cozy nook in your home is indeed a great idea!

When I design interiors for my clients, I always design at least one cozy nook because it adds so much character to the space. A nook is a designated space in your interior for a task, which is usually associated with a cozy and warm idea like reading or drinking coffee. For example, a reading nook can be a comfortable arm chair, a bench, or a floor space. A breakfast nook is typically a bench with a soft cushion and throw pillows that is designated for a cozy place to eat. A coffee drinking nook, a tea drinking nook, a game nook – the possibilities are endless! And of course, no nook is complete without a throw pillow or two!

So let me walk you thru some of my favorite spaces and some of my interior projects to hopefully get you excited about the idea of nooks and throw pillows!

1. A Galley Kitchen Nook that is Perfect for a Cup of Coffee & a Laptop:

This was a nook that was created out of necessity and it is the best thing that has happened to this kitchen! This was a kitchen re-planning and renovation project and in order to cover all of the space requirements, a galley kitchen had to be created (note: A galley kitchen is a long, narrow kitchen that has base cabinets, wall cabinets, counters, or other services located on one or both sides of a central walkway).

In a galley kitchen there is no space for a dining table and thus I was faced with an unused space in a corner. So I have decided to install a storage bench and dedicate this area for a reading corner that would complete the look and flow of the space. You can definitely build a nook like that with custom made built in wooden bench furniture, but in this case, I have used two IKEA Cabinets (see link below) and had them slightly customized (note: you need to make sure that the cabinets are spaced 5 to 10 cm away from the wall so that you have a deep enough space to make a full 45-50 cm depth for the bench seat). The nook was complete with a black stylish wall lamp by House Doctor, a linen bench cushion, whimsical framed art, and a couple of throw pillows from The Room Accessories shop. I love the combination of gray linen and the terra-cotta colored ELLE pillow cover which is a good big size of 65x65cm. For the smaller throw pillow I have used our WHIMSICAL WHALES pillow cover 50x50cm, which is perfect for the cute scheme of this nook. At the end of the day, the owner spends a lot of time in this nook not only because it is cute, but it is a perfect spot to have your coffee and browse something on your laptop as you can just simply place the laptop on that small round table and type away. The big all eco-leather ELLE pillow is great for leaning against that corner too!

(1) An all eco-leather Pillow Cover ELLE, 65×65 cm – The Room Accessories

(2) Cotton Pillow Cover WHIMSICAL WHALES, 50×50 cm – The Room Accessories

(3) Option 1 House Doctor Wall Lamp – Vemzu

(3) Option 2 House Doctor Wall Lamp – Vemzu

(4) The Bench – 2x kitchen cabinets – IKEA

(5) Cabinet Front Knobs – Pretty Pegs

2. A Bed Nook in the Attic

One of the things about our home in Prague is the attic space that we have reconstructed last year. It is a small but charming space that allowed me to create several cozy spaces for the whole family to enjoy. The attic does not have a full standing hight and so I could not fit in a normal height bed, so we ended up with a mattress on the floor. To create an illusion of bed around the mattress area, I have created white wall paneling out of simple wood planks and then just simply painted everything white. This also helped to conceal a small storage door at the head of the bed.

The space called for a charming wallpaper and after some searching I fell in love with these whales from Boras Tapetar. I do have a thing for whales but you can go with anything really, even a striped wallpaper, which Boras Tapetar has plenty of. I style the bed nook with different pillows but I could not help and reuse the cotton WHIMSICAL WHALES PILLOW COVER this time in size 40x65cm. Since the attic has many angles, I have also added a set of small round mirrors (I had 3) that help to soften the feel of the space. The mirrors do not have to be white – I like the ones from IKEA (link below).

(1) Charming Wallpaper with Whales – Design Ville

(2) Set of Round Mirrors – IKEA

(3) Eucalyptus Stem – IKEA

(4) Cotton Pillow Cover WHIMSICAL WHALES, 50×50 cm – The Room Accessories

(5) A Stripy Bed Sheet Cover Set – IKEA

(6) House Doctor Bottle Type Glass Vase – Vemzu

3. The Breakfast Nooks

When I design kitchens for my clients, I often include a designated area for a smaller table where the family can gather for breakfast or any other meal. It is a more intimate space than a larger dining table and all breakfast nooks include a built in bench with of course throw pillows. The look is very comforting, stylish and cozy. Without the throw pillows, the spaces would not be as complete and as cozy as they are.

Some of noteworthy breakfast nooks are below:

A breakfast nook in a country house:

A breakfast Nook as a Continuation of a Modern Kitchen:

A Stylish and Cozy Breakfast Nook with Wall Paneling:

Photo: MH Creative Studio
MH Creative Studio

It was fun to talk about my nooks and I do hope that you found this read interesting and inspiring. Whether you built a new nook or you re-style your old nook at home, have fun with it and listen to your heart. No interior is complete unless it speaks to your needs!

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Remember have fun styling and Make it Cozy!